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By Sandra Walker

Given the fact that the cavachon is not a pure breed, it exhibits diverse characteristics all of which are drawn from the bichon fries and the cavalier King Charles spaniel. Nonetheless, this dog breed is an adorable type, with a size that is suitable for those living in small houses. Additionally, this breed exhibits a tolerant and gentle temperament, which is desirable for breeders Cavachon; those wishing to have a pet that is both laid back and fun to cuddle.

Dogs of this breed usually come in three main colors, these being white, black and white and white with apricot. This breed is highly energetic and therefore calls for an owner who can constantly match their high energy levels. Cleaning and brushing them is simplified, as their coat usually is not furry and therefore easy to manage.

They can easily live with other pets given their loving and friendly nature. However, they demand the right amount of care, given the fact that they are a crossbreed of two toy dogs, which are often delicate. They weigh an average four pounds and are easy to train given their ability to quickly grasp new teachings. Nonetheless, it is required of these dogs to begin their training early as older dogs usually are slow learners.

With a life span of ten to twelve years, they usually are able to create lasting and beautiful family memories. Furthermore, these dogs are able to perfectly relate with children by indulging them in simple play and displays of affection. Maintaining this breed is relatively inexpensive given their small size, which translates to considerably fewer needs.

Puppies can be obtained from certified dog dealers and breeders around the world. It is important to fore mostly check the puppys health before choosing to pet it. This can simply be done by ensuring that the dogs gums are clean, its coat thick and silky, its eyes clear, it is temperament alert, and that its nose is moist and clean.

As it is with all dogs, this breed similarly has its own health concerns, which can however be dealt with through the right amount of care.Most notable of these concerns include, heart murmurs, ear infections, eye complications and flea allergies. Given the fact that most cavachon breeders are in their infant stages, it often is hard to find an ideal dealer of this breed. Nonetheless, one can obtain a healthy puppy by simply questioning the dealers competence and past experiences.

It is important to first understand the precise dog characteristics one requires before choosing to obtain one. This given the fact that each breed exhibits a fixed set of characteristics which may or may not be suitable for the owner. Aspiring pet owners can view the different breed characteristics online from websites owned by the various existing breeding clubs.

It goes without saying that these dogs are important contributors to happy families given their ability to properly relate with everyone as they bring about a positive energy that keeps people together.

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