Importance Of Parkinsons Disease Exercise

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By Brenda White

Most individuals suffering from parkinsons disease have to struggle with the inability to move. The reason behind this is that this condition normally attacks the nervous system of the body. Therefore, it may start as a simple inability to swing a leg and later progress to a more serious issue since the disorder worsens over time. Nevertheless, exercise is one method in which these kinds of patients can gain back their lives and have some control over their movement. Below discussed are a few things to note about Parkinsons disease exercise.

There are various exercises that the patients who suffer from this condition will engage in. One of the key ones is muscle strengthening. The reason this is essential is because it allows them to be able to hold things again. They will also do toning activities so that the muscles remain strong. Both strengthening and toning will be exhibited in exercises such as walking and also yoga. The experts will know how to schedule the exercises so that they are comfortable and there are better results.

Apart from the limbs and the hands, the person who is training the patient will also need to incorporate other exercises as well. For instance, good posture is one of the other things that such people need. Failure to achieve this may result in issues when they are swallowing food or even breathing. They therefore can engage in exercises for posture such as yoga, swimming or even calisthenics. The patient may not necessarily enjoy all of these but in the end they are very helpful to them.

It is always good to also make sure that the exercises are consistent. Ensure that you let the patient see the progress that they have made from the beginning to the end. For instance, they will be encouraged when they see that they can be able to maintain a grip or even playing with their grandchildren. It does give them a sense of home and at the same time encourages them to go on with the therapies.

The varied forms of exercises will lessen the muscle cramps that are very common for these patients. The therapies will also help in reducing the rigidity of joints hence make the sick more comfortable. In addition, there is no individual who will be happy after staying in the same position for a long time; when this state is reduced they will start feeling good and enjoying their lives.

These exercises are not easy for the patients. It is therefore important that the patients are not overwhelmed during the exercises. For the beginning sessions, take a few minutes of exercise and go on increasing the minutes as the patient improves and gets accustomed to the routine.

It is also advisable to get a close relative or friend to exercise with the patient. This will help deal with the boredom that may arise when the patient exercises all alone. Thus, a strong support system must be provided for patients.

At the end of the day, it is vital to be keen on the signs of these conditions. Some people realize when it is too late. Therefore, knowing about it early enough is helpful as it helps correct the motor issues and exercises are more helpful.

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