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By Thomas Wood

Dewatering equipment is used in removing water from volumes of soil, solid materials and liquid by separating them using different methods. These are widely used in waste management and can save money with handling and disposal expenses based usually on its unit weight. Their energy cost is less expensive compared to heat drying systems because the latter uses more fuel.

There are varying dewatering methods including filter presses, drying beds, gravity, centrifuges and sludge lagoons. Consider these things in choosing which kind to rent from the companies offering dewatering equipment rental whenever you need these services for whatever reasons. Renting is better than purchasing them if you are not going to use them regularly and only when your need arises since the machines cost a lot.

Begin looking for companies that offer this equipment in your area by using various media like the internet, yellow pages and local newspapers. Specify where you are located when searching online because this filters results to show those operating nearby only. Write down their contact details, office address and website address to research them further.

Request for several recommendations from your associates, friends and family members as they may have rented one previously. Receiving recommendations from people you trust is an advantage because their opinion would be honestly told to you. Ask the reasons why that company is recommended which is based usually on the customer service they received and experienced.

Find out about the company more by doing some research of their background information including the date they started operating this business. This shows their capabilities, knowledge and experience in this service and may have been improved throughout the years. Their longevity also signifies the trust given to them by the people who continuously refer and rent from them when their machines are needed.

Inspect their permits and licenses which allows them to legally operate their business in your area that were awarded by the government to them. This means that they submitted all documents necessary and observed all regulations, codes, standards and rules. If they could not show you these documents then question their legality of operation, quality of equipment and trustworthiness.

Visit websites showing reviews or ratings given by previous clients of these companies who are using these sites too. These ratings are illustrations of their satisfaction level on the customer service they received and they rate them according to how satisfied they were. You should still read reviews as this lets you know their specific reasons for that company to be selected.

Talk directly with their previous clients by requesting the contact details of these references and asking them some questions. They will be telling about their experience in dealing with them to you and how satisfactory their customer services were. Ask if the intended purpose for the equipment they rented were fulfilled.

Inquire on how much does the rental fee cost and if the daily rate is lower to those renting it for a longer time. Ask if they deliver and pick their equipment up for free or if there is a charge for this service. Compare what you learned about them and choose the best offer.

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